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Technology of 2303 Empty Technology of 2303

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:10 pm

After the events of the third world war in the year 2252 humankind was finally greeted by the Zubari, an extraterrestrial race who reside on the planet Mars. They had been monitoring earth and seeing the planets sorry state after the war the races leader, Princess Kara, dispatched a diplomatic envoy to meet with the united nations to assist in coming up with a solution to save the world. They brought with them technologies to assist mankind, as well as a resource known as Zenethium. A light metal seemingly unique to mars that would be melted into a liquid, then burned into a gas to later be recovered and solidified. This new element meant an answer to earths ecological problems and a permanent solution to maintaining production and industry without harming the environment. 95% of vehicles in the year 2303 use Z-Fuel to function. The Zubari also introduced designs for a reactor capable of absorbing solar radiation, converting it into energy, cycling it through appliances and then recycling it to be used again, granting a nearly unlimited supply of electrical energy.

Cost of Living
With the new technology the cost of living should diminished. With power and electricity in no short supply. But earth's growing population has caused major problems. Making space one of the more expensive commodities. They say that until the restoration of the nuclear waste zones in the year 2350, a severe lack of room will cause an issue for the mankind. Organizations like Spacefarer and Tech Inc have been working around the clock to create artificial habitations around earth and on the moon and mars (they even have some individuals living with the Zubari as an experiment) as well as efforts to create subaquatic cities to hold the population. But until then living in highly populated locations will be expensive.

Home Technology
The war stunted earth's technological growth, contrary to how war usually works. It killed off brilliant men and women and prevented significant advances. Most technology is rather similar to technology found a few centuries prior. A world wide network of information and entertainment known as the Internet, is available for free in nearly all homes keeping the world connected. Interactive virtual reality spaces to allow folks to venture into worlds they could only dream of. Miniaturization of technology also made advancements allowing communication devices to be wired directly into peoples minds letting them be connected to the internet at all times (if they want to of course). As well as advancements in genetic printing, allowing people to have access to cheap nearly inexhaustible food and drink, this tech, however, is still in it's early stages and not available everywhere.

Medical Technology
-more to come-


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