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"We don't have a choice. We've been given an opportunity. It's time we saved the world." - Zenith

Pre Project Infinity

Born in the year 2224 in New York City to a rather impoverished household, Oliver Shaw had a rough upbringing. Under-performing in school and regularly subject to bullying he became an outcast. When his mother passed away in 2241 when he was 17 Shaw joined the military hoping to flee his problems. Four months later his father committed suicide and Oliver was left alone.

Military life suited him, the routine, the rules. Oliver excelled in most all domains but remained socially distant from his comrades. He quickly made his way into the Special Forces and shortly after that was assigned to an elite intelligence gathering squad under the command of a new division known as the International Security and Domestic Threat Assessment Service, commonly referred to as the TAS. They worked in tandem with the CIA and NSA, operating undercover in several countries across the world in an effort to prevent catastrophe before it began. Oliver proved exceptional, he quickly became the leader of his own elite group of specialists and rose through the ranks quickly. In inner circles he quickly became known as the Super Soldier. He and his group prevented assassination attempts, terrorist attacks, nuclear threats. Unfortunately he was left decommissioned after suffering a leg injury during a bombing in an airport in Washington.

A few months after his injury in the year 2246 the Third World War erupted. Nuclear strikes on western united states by North Korea and Russia, attacks on Japan and the USA by China as well as intense conflict between African and Middle Eastern nations led to never before seen disaster that changed the world forever.

Project Infinity

Two years after the beginning of the war a project that had been in the works since the start was officially ready to begin testing. Known as Project Infinity the united nations of England, Germany, Canada and the USA began working on biologically enhancing humans to serve as super soldiers in the field. Oliver was quickly contacted to serve as a test subject due to his impressive performance in the field. Unconvinced Oliver accepted the offer, supposedly it would be able to completely heal his injury and make him stronger and faster than before. Along with four other test subjects Oliver was placed in an artificially induced coma for an extended process where his body would need to be submerged in biologically altered fluids in order to change the very base structure of his DNA.

However, the process quickly grew extremely expensive to operate, and before results could be achieved Japan managed to secure a foothold in China and North Korea allowing them to attack Russia's eastern front which quickly crippled the nations power and led to the end of the four year long war. Project Infinity was put on hold. Unable to wake the five test subjects due to the nature of the experiments, all non essential staff was fired and the budget cut save for the most important elements that permitted the subjects to remain alive. There was still a sliver of hope that results would be found.

The Meteor

Five years later an unexpected, mysterious meteorite crashed into the Pacific Ocean, releasing a strange, never before seen, or recorded, burst of electromagnetic radiation across the globe. Attempts to find the meteorite were fruitless and side effects were never detected. But years later, a second burst originating from the same location as the original crash released a similar radiation that this time proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

The radiation triggered a change in the test subjects biology, which, in combination with the fluids and other experiments changed them forever. When awoken Oliver discovered an enhanced physicality, super strength, speed and senses, as well as an ability to unconsciously alter his personal gravity allowing him to fly. It had been thirty years since he had entered the coma and the world had changed. the TAS, which was now known as the International Security and Investigations Services quickly got in contact with him and the other subjects, assisting them in understanding their powers, training them to be heroes. Coleman Cuana, the Atomic Man, was unable to handle his new-found power and fled into space never to be seen again, but the rest of them joined forces with ISIS to found the League of Heroes, setting up base in the Spire, a towering building in Central New Eden, where they could operate to keep the world safe.


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