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Earth 2303 2282_world_map_by_zionnc-d8c6ipr

Third World War
The events of the Third World War began in  the year 2246 and lasted until 2250. This period in the worlds history marked radical change in political organization and advancements in technology. With most independent countries combining to for larger, more powerful nations, the world found itself in a never before seen whirlwind of cultures, languages, religions and ideals.
Not long before the beginning of the Third World War, following hostile North Korean and Russian military incidents, the UN founded the International Security and Intelligence Service, known as ISIS, who had begun work on counter measures in the case a global conflict did, in fact, erupt.
However, to the both the UN and ISIS' surprise, the war was declared much earlier than predicted and said counter measures where not yet in place. Thus, in a rush of development, ISIS put what was codenamed Project Infinity into effect.
Project Infinity was an experimental bio-enhancement procedure meant to create super-soldiers in a hope to counter Russo-Korean war threats but with the war coming to a close before the project was completed ISIS was forced to shut it down for financial purposes.
The Third World War was ended after North Korea (who had taken over most of east asia) was defeated by Japan and Oceania and a few months later, Russia's surrender now that it no longer had it's Korean allies defending its eastern front.

New Eden
After the events of the Third World War several particularly rich industrialist "Dreamers" branched out to work on a project titled New Eden. Their goal was to create a utopia of sorts. A nation without poverty or crime or war. They began constructing a gargantuan floating island in the middle of the Atlantic, a collection of large ships connected through a network of bridges and underwater tunnels, self powered through solar and hydro-electric power, the city grew into the capital of the world in a frightening thirty years. Boasting a population of 15 million it is the largest, most economically sound city in the world and has since been recognized as its own nation. And although a success, the founders' original idea of a land without crime or war was not completely fulfilled. Criminal organizations, have spawned throughout the underbelly of New Eden, hiding behind a façade of decency.

Impending Doom
Over the next thirty years there where two major, unexplainable, environmental phenomena. The first occurring five years after the Third World War, an unexpected meteorite crashed into the pacific ocean, releasing a strange, never before seen burst of electromagnetic radiation across the globe. Attempts to find this meteorite where fruitless but side effects have never been detected.
The second event, almost mimicked the first. Another blast of radiation burst forth from was assumed to be the general location of the crash of the initial meteorite, this time sparking a strange series of events that led to what the world now calls Neo-Humans, or Super-Humans.

The League of Heroes
With the advent of Neo-Humans, both heroes and villains, the government of New Eden approached the members of the Infinity Project, who where the public faces of this new super human phenomena, and with the help of the five subjects, known by their alias' as: Mr. Infinity, Zenith, Sorceress, Rush and The Atomic Man, they founded the League of Heroes, building its headquarters in downtown New Eden, it served as a foundation to support those who had begun to realise the immense powers they possessed, and as a base of operations from which heroes could defeat and imprison Neo-Humains using their powers for nefarious purposes.
Since it's founding, several heroes have joined their forces but others, two in particular being Mr. Infinity and The Atomic Man, have since disappeared. Zenith, who now leads the organization, along with officials from I.S.I.S have recently begun an initiative to further increase their ranks as villains have recently begun to organize and become a greater threat. Not to mention Sorceress, imbued with precognitive powers, has for some time now felt an ominous presence looming over Earth, and believes there is very little time before the planet finds itself in grave danger.


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